Rumored: Trump on Rogan to Break the Internet

Blue State Conservative

This will be legendarily epic. Joe Rogan boasts of the world’s largest podcast, with nearly 11 million average listeners per episode. (Second place isn’t even close, with around 6 million.) Add to that the additional market of short clips on YouTube and significant mainstream buzz surrounding what he says (i.e. ivermectin) and who he hosts (i.e. Drs. Robert Malone and Peter McCullough) and, simply put, Rogan’s influence is ginormous.

Well, what’s bigger than ginormous? Bigly? Yuge?

We are about to get bigly yuge in terms of episode listeners and impact on every cultural/political conversation in America if the following rumors are true. Take a look at some of the hopeful messages cropping up around Twitter.

And Twitter thought it was ridding the world of Donald Trump when it banned the then-sitting POTUS from its platform. Ditto for Facebook.

However, let’s pump the breaks just a little, because the rumor might also have started from a parody Trump account.

Notice the word “parody” next to Trump’s title in the above tweet. Oh well. It would be fun if it were to happen. Caveat emptor on social media.

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