Russell Brand: Mainstream Media, Government, Big Business Operating in Unison to Benefit Themselves and Disadvantage You


English actor-comedian Russell Brand slammed the mainstream media in Britain — which have attempted to turn him into their very own Joe Rogan-style figure of controversy — proclaiming, “We’ve been accused of being anti-vax, simply for saying unvaccinated people might have rights.”

“The establishment and the mainstream media are coming for me and coming for this channel, saying I’m a conspiracy theorist, a right-wing nut, and an anti-vaxxer,” Brand said in a recent video.

“If you don’t think that I’m those things, and I don’t think that I’m those things, could there be any other reason why the mainstream media and establishment want to shut down open discourse and dissent?”

Brand addressed the establishment press calling him “the new Joe Rogan.”

Last week, two major British newspapers likened Forgetting Sarah Marshall star and comedian turned YouTube commentator to American comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan, who became a fixation of the establishment media for his refusal to follow the party-line on various issues.

Now, on the other side of the Atlantic, Brand finds himself under attack for similar reasons.

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