Russia-Ukraine updates: Russia Reportedly Considering Public Executions in Ukraine


A European intelligence officials told the site that the Kremlin is drawing up plans on how to handle stronger than expected resistance from Ukrainian civilians after taking over a city. The plans include restrictions of protests, detaining political opponents, and possibly public killings, according to the anonymous source.

Russia Seeks to Weaken Ukraine Morale: Intelligence Report

Moscow has drawn up plans for ways to break morale in order to discourage Ukrainian from fighting back as and when cities fall under the Kremlin’s control, a European intelligence official said.

That strategy includes crackdowns on protests, detention of opponents, and potentially carrying out public executions, the official said on the condition of anonymity. So far civilians in Ukraine as well as its military have put up strong resistance, including arming themselves as volunteer forces.

Putin told Macron he planned to fulfill his goals on Ukraine, Interfax reported, citing the Kremlin’s press service.

Macron spoke to Putin at the Russian leader’s request, according to an official in Macron’s office. Putin told him that everything was going according to his plan in Ukraine and that things will get worse.

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