Scranton Joe Biden Enjoys Thanksgiving At $30M Nantucket Retreat


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President Joe Biden was treated to his favorite treat for Thanksgiving dessert on Thursday — ice cream.

The White House released details of the president’s Thanksgiving dinner, including thyme roasted turkey, roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, kale, button mushrooms, and cranberry relish.

The president celebrated Thanksgiving with his family at a $30 million estate on Nantucket Island in Massachusets, a tradition for the Biden family since 1975.

For dessert, Biden had three kinds of pie, pumpkin, apple, and coconut cream, as well as chocolate chip ice cream.

Earlier on Thanksgiving, Biden traveled to a local Coast Guard Station to speak to the troops overseas to thank them for their service. He also phoned into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York City, surprising Al Roker.

“My message is: After two years, you’re back. America is back. There’s nothing we’re unable to overcome, Al,” he said.

The president’s love of ice cream is well-documented as he typically goes out of his way to sample local ice cream shops while on the road.

In May, Biden advised reporters and onlookers and Republicans to eat “Chocka Chocka Chip” ice cream during a visit to an ice cream shop in Ohio, prompting cries of awe from his audience.

Exclusive photo of the home Joe and Jill Biden are staying in for Thanksgiving

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