Seeing The Light? Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner Admits, “Trump Was Right”

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It’s not often we see Democrats complimenting political adversaries or admitting their own policies and stances were incorrect. To be fair, the same could be said about most Republicans, but this stubbornness and defiance appear much more frequently on the left. When was the last time we heard Liz Warren say something nice about Ted Cruz? And can anyone recall a nice thing AOC has said about Lauren Boebert?

But for Democrats, there is a hierarchy of antagonism. Figures such as Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio are seen as rivals. Others such as Marjorie Taylor Greene and Clarence Thomas are seen as enemies. And then we have Donald Trump, who takes the Democrats’ hatred and opposition to a whole new level, one for which the term mortal enemy seems an insufficient description.

So, when we have instances such as this one from Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) who commits Democratic heresy by admitting “President Trump was right,” we must take a moment to acknowledge the rarity and examine the message.

According to WJLA-TV, a local ABC news affiliate based in Washington, D.C.:

“Top lawmakers on the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence are urging the Federal Trade Commission to formally investigate TikTok and its parent company.

‘Like so many of these social media platforms, there’s a good positive side, but there is a dark underbelly if exploited,’ Virginia U.S. Senator Mark Warner told 7News.”

“’This was one where President Trump was right,’ said Warner. ‘There was a challenge with TikTok and it has been one of the fastest growing companies in the whole world. And President Trump was right on this with it. This was a security threat. It was a privacy threat.’ Which is concerning for all TikTok users, including kids, Senator Warner warns.”

Let’s forget about the fact that President Trump was ‘right’ about most things, even though his style may have rubbed some folks the wrong way, and let’s just pause and take a minute to appreciate Sen. Warner’s candidness and honesty. And as Warner points out, the root cause of the issue isn’t the company itself, it’s the Chinese government.

“’TikTok is controlled by a Chinese company, Bytedance,’ said Warner. ‘Chinese law requires that any company in China owes its first allegiance to the Communist Party of China, not to the shareholders.’”

In late 2020 when it became clear that Joe Biden would indeed become the 46th President of the United States, many of us feared the negative consequences that the domestic policies of his presidency would bring. And 18 months later with skyrocketing inflation, an open border, and political divisions at a remarkable level, it’s clear those fears were justified.

But for many of us, it was the prospects of Biden’s foreign policy ineptitude that scared the daylights out of us. A misstep at the national level is one thing, but screwing up on the global stage can cause irreparable, catastrophic damage. Within months those worries proved legitimate as Biden screwed the pooch with Afghanistan last summer, which led to the emboldening of Vladimir Putin and the continuing Ukraine-Russia War.

But there is no geopolitical challenger more potent than China, a point that Mr. Trump would relentlessly hammer home on a regular basis. Trump kept China at bay.

But Biden’s feeble approach to the Chinese has resulted in a disturbing instability in the region. The signaling from China regarding their ambitions with Taiwan has been particularly worrisome. The FBI and MI5 recently warned of the likelihood of a cyberattack and other hostilities directed at America and the West from the communist government. The Chinese are not our friends, and it finally appears some on the left are finally recognizing that reality. So much so that they’re even willing to admit that Donald Trump was ahead of the curve.

Better late than never, Senator Warner. Let’s hope you’re Democrat colleagues are paying attention.

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