Sen. Cruz: “‘The Corrupt Politicians Act’ is an existential threat to our Democracy, will destroy America as we know it”

Law Enforcement Today

Several months ago, Law Enforcement Today reported on HR-1/S-1, the ridiculously called “For the People Act.” We referred to it as the “For the Democrats Act.” However, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) probably has a more apt description— “The Corrupt Politicians Act.”

In an op-ed in the Daily Caller, Cruz explained what exactly is wrong with this total piece of garbage, expanding on our concerns from a few months ago.

Cruz last week spent nine hours in a Senate Rules Committee meeting because like any Constitution-loving, right-minded American, Cruz realizes how extremely dangerous this bill is.

The fact that Democrats in both the House and Senate have prioritized this bill above anything else tells you all you need to know about that party.

As Cruz notes in his op-ed, Democrats have prioritized this bill over COVID-19, over getting as many people vaccinated who want to as quickly as possible, not prioritizing getting children back in school where they belong, and not dealing with a sputtering economy, spiraling inflation, and exploding gas prices.

Their priority is making sure Democrats will continue running the country into the ground in perpetuity. Thus, their focus on the Corrupt Politicians Act, Cruz says.

What are some of the “highlights” of this piece of garbage? First of all, the bill says that “all persons” will be automatically registered to vote once they turn eighteen. Not “citizens” …all “persons.” So, what does that mean?

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