Sen. Mazie Hirono: ‘Who the Heck Would Know What Our Founding Fathers Meant?’


From what I gather, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is a nice person. Politically, she’s trash. I’ve been hard on the liberal senator from Hawaii, but that’s not my fault. Sorry, when you don’t know basic stuff, like what constitutes illegal immigration, I’m going to hurl a tomahawk your way. She doesn’t understand unlawful immigration. She had a facepalm-worthy self-own during the Ketanji Brown Supreme Court hearings. Mazie Hirono’s job centers on spewing Democratic Party talking points, so let’s make peace with that aspect. Her latest lecture was about originalism at today’s Judicial Committee hearing on abortion, and it sure was a doozy.

“Justices who take that approach…pretend that they know what our founding fathers meant when they drafted the Constitution…who the heck would know…? Is there any reference to AR-15 rifles in our Constitution? No!”

Yeah, and there is nothing about abortion, senator. You can track the boomerang before it makes contact with the Left’s face. There was never a constitutional right to obtain an abortion. Even liberal legal analysts knew that Roe v. Wade was beyond shoddy in its reasoning. They were worried; even Ruth Bader Ginsburg felt Roe was flawed. The liberal wing of the Supreme Court was never going to last forever. There was always a possibility that the GOP would get some judges appointed that could overturn the ruling, which happened under Trump. It returns to the legislative process, which, as we’ve discussed—frightens the Left to death. They must go out there and sell their abortion extremism to the public. It won’t play well with voters.

Yet, back to moron Mazie here. There are these things called primary documents that tell us what the Founders meant. That’s basic history. Of course, originalists look at the current phenomena and track them through history. The late Justice Antonin Scalia, one of originalism’s greatest advocates, also delivered a master lecture on how one holding this constitutional view would decide a case.

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