‘Spineless Pansy’ Mitt Romney Shredded For Accusing Tulsi Gabbard Of ‘Treasonous’ Lies


A couple of days ago, Reason editor Robby Soave made a pretty big claim: it’s “pretty obvious” that the one Republican who can handily defeat Joe Biden in 2024 is … Mitt Romney. Soave reasoned that Romney “would almost certainly attract independent, moderate and even Democratic voters — perhaps enough of them to win something approaching a landslide, if current conditions hold.” He’d also turn off a lot of Republican voters who’d rather stay home than stand in line for the guy who lost to debate moderator Candy Crowley.

And in this corner, we have former Democratic presidential candidate Tusli Gabbard, who is pushing the accusation that there are several United States-backed biolabs in Ukraine.

Russia is certainly happy with Gabbard, featuring her interview with Tucker Carlson on Russian state TV. But Romney is calling her out for her “treasonous lies.”

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