Sen. Rand Paul says it makes financial sense for Twitter to invite Trump back [VIDEO]

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Sen. Rand Paul said that while it’d make sense for Twitter to invite former President Donald Trump back to the platform following his ban, it might not add up given the alternative decisions that the 45th president has made in the meantime.

Smith set up the current mystery by saying: “A couple of the big theories that are running around the social media atmosphere as a result of Elon Musk taking a seat on the board and becoming a larger shareholder stood out to me. One was will he bring back former President Donald Trump, and allow him back on Twitter? Since of course he was banned, and two… I don’t know, Elon Musk is a smart guy, maybe he’s accumulating such a big share of the company, and a seat on the board only to shut it down and start his own social media company.”
For Paul personally, he used Twitter threads on an annual basis to air his Festivus grievances. But as for the current situation, it’s worth noting Musk isn’t the only one on Twitter’s board, just the top man amidst a heap of several investment firms.

Paul then weighed in. His response played into the fact that on both Monday and Tuesday, Twitter’s stock price has steeply risen in value amid the news of Musk’s top-level involvement.
“Well. You know it used to be that the board of a company, or the mission of a company was to make money. And so, my guess is if Donald Trump came back with 80 million followers? My guess is that Twitter would make more money. It’s amazing that we now have this sort of pseudo-social conscious, that we put this into board meetings, and then actually the boards are doing things and making policy that makes them less money. So I kind of liked it when there was an obligation, actually a financial obligation to make money for public corporations. And so, yeah I think it’ll be good,” the GOP lawmaker said.

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