Senate Republicans Filibuster Government Funding Bill Over Debt Ceiling Provision With Three Days Until Shutdown

The Daily Caller

Senate Republicans Monday filibustered Democrats’ bill to fund the government and suspend the debt ceiling, days before a potential federal shutdown and possible debt default.

Republicans vowed for weeks to oppose a debt ceiling increase and urged Democrats to put the provision in their filibuster-proof $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. But Democrats have thus far refused to do so, and with their bill’s failure Monday, Congress now has just three days to pass a new funding bill to avoid a government shutdown set to begin Friday at midnight.

Speaking on the Senate floor ahead of the 48-50 vote, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer lambasted Republicans and alleged that they were throwing the country “toward unnecessarily, avoidable disaster.” Schumer changed his vote to “no” at the last second, allowing him to bring the funding bill back up at a later date.

“If Republicans follow through w/their plans to vote ‘no,’ they will be on record to deliberately sabotaging our country’s ability to pay the bills & likely causing the first ever default in American history,” he said. “By blocking an extension of the debt limit, Republicans will solidify themselves for a long time as the party of default.”

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