SHAMBLES! Jen Psaki Blames Boris Johnson for Oval Office Chaos [VIDEO]

Daily Mail

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday blamed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for the chaos in the Oval Office the day before, saying they were not given a head’s up he was going to call on members of his press corps.

‘He called on individuals within his press corps without alerting us to that intention in advance,’ she said in her daily press briefing.

Psaki was quizzed repeatedly on why British reporters were called on during the Oval Office meeting with President Joe Biden but American reporters were not. White House aides ushered reporters out of the room, shouting over the journalists, as they tried to ask Biden questions.

‘I think the president has not spent a minute worrying about it,’ Psaki said.

She defended Biden’s availability to the media to answer questions about his agenda and events happening in the United States. Psaki pointed out that Biden answered questions from the press 135 times leading up to September and three times in the last week.

She wouldn’t commit to the president holding a formal press conference – he’s only held one as president – but called the media ‘vitally important to democracy.’

‘Certainly I’m sure we will have another one,’ she said when asked if Biden would hold another presser but said it was ‘not at the top of the list of American public’s concern.’

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