‘She had a speechwriter?’: Kamala Harris’ Chief Speechwriter Quits After 4 Months On The Job


Kamala Harris’ second chief speechwriter is bailing after only four months on the job. To be honest, Kamala’s speeches have been so bad we thought she was winging it. Wow. Someone actually wrote those ridiculous speeches about the passage of time and used the word ‘seriously’ that much?

From Politico:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ director of speechwriting, Meghan Groob, is leaving the office less than four months into the job, two people familiar with the matter told POLITICO.

Groob was hired in April after Harris’ first chief speechwriter, Kate Childs Graham, left at the end of February. She had previously worked as a speechwriter for Bill Gates and as an editorial director at Gates Ventures.

You’d think someone who can deal with Bill Gates could deal with Kamala?


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