Since Trump, The Swamp Has Only Gotten Swampier – So, What Is The Solution?

The Blue State Conservative

We have set the world ablaze for the benefit of congressional kickbacks and swamp funding.

A gusher of money is being embezzled from the American people through inflation. The Federal Reserve system has existed for decades but its incompetence has finally been exposed so that even the simple democrats will have to pay a slight bit of attention. We are on the verge of having hungry citizens again as once existed during FDRs’ socialist administration 90 years ago.

Ukraine is the current carcass that feeds the basest criminality of the DC machine.  Here are a few examples that delve into the situation. In  2016 Cargill invested $100 million in a new grain terminal on the Black Sea. Cargill, Monsanto, and Dupont have purchased 60% of the farmland in Ukraine since the 2014 coup.  Monsanto donated a large sum to allow GMO crops in Ukraine that were previously illegal.  How much did these new agreements cost in US campaign contributions or just cash?

The current source of illicit political funding in DC is also Ukraine. The laundering began in 2004 with the Maidan Revolution.  The country appeared as a prime candidate for creating personal nest eggs for the political class in DC.  It has energy, grain, needs to purchase armaments, and has an incredibly corrupt system as is ours.  One of the first politicians to elbow his way to the trough was John McCain along with his lap boy Lynn Graham.

Joe and Hunter Bribe’m floated up a bit later bringing their own friends.  The immense amount of gas flowing to Poland and Germany created many an accounting and physical slip in the royalty system.  What a wonderful place to engineer kickbacks! The question is of course, what type of blackmail material does the Ukrainian political leadership now have available to use against the DC leeches in case of a disagreement?

Mr. Trump was/is a direct threat to the DC power clique because of his bank account and his knowledge. He therefore must not be allowed to have any role in the US government.  Consequently, abuse unheard of since Senator Joe McCarthy has fallen upon him.  Personal wealth inhibits the need to participate in financial scams which are the currency of politics.  It also removes blackmail as an option for leverage against opponents.

The intentional inflation brought on by the ruling class in an attempt to cover their greed will bankrupt millions of Americans.  The average citizens used by the democrat/socialist party for votes in past decades are the citizens that are suffering the most under this Bidenflation.  A majority of American families have had to make adjustments in their food budget because of a lack of funds.

Will this make Joe Brib’em the next hunger president?  This is just the beginning as expensive electricity is the next hurdle waiting in our path.  Cold and hungry leads to desperation because one has nothing to lose.  The Green energy scam as camouflage has worked so far for the Swamp but they have a tendency to ride a horse a bit too far. The people realize that a couple of signatures would reverse the gas shortages immediately.

What can we do?  Voting DC out is not an option as they are virtually all on board and voter fraud is omnipresent.  The only two ways historically that have worked to unseat slugs or bureaucrats in power have been the blade or the elimination of their funding.  Mr. Brib’em is planning to hire 87,000 IRS agents.  There are not that many billionaires, so who do you suspect will be the recipients of millions of audits and new taxes?  The same unfortunates who suffer from inflation of course.

The only other option before secession and the blade would be to have each state adjust its laws regarding the paying of Federal taxes.  The states could consolidate the whiskey tax and gas tax receipts and hold them in a special account in the state capital.  They could even hold the Federal income and Social Security taxes as well.  These taxes could be forwarded at the leisure of state governments.  George Washington would be heard screeching from his grave, not to mention the current parasites in DC. What fun!  States’ rights would be supreme.  Freedom from graft beckons!

We have set the world ablaze for Congressional kickbacks.

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