‘Sit this out’: MSNBC host says white people ‘do not understand’ Will Smith slap [VIDEO]

New York Post

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An MSNBC host over the weekend said white Americans should “sit this out” as controversy persists around Will Smith slapping stand-up comic Chris Rock during the Academy Awards last week.

Tiffany Cross, who anchors a weekend talk show on the left-leaning cable news network, interviewed actress Yvette Nicole Brown and TheGrio columnist Michael Harriot on Sunday.

Harriot claimed the Smith-Rock incident was an example of “how black people relate to each other” in a way that white people do not understand, “even though it happened to everybody [watching the ceremony].”

Brown chimed in, saying: “On Twitter, a lot of us were like, ‘Y’all sit this out for your protection,’ because when we need to have a conversation, we’re gonna have it.”

“Some people use their words, some people use their hands. It is what it is. In the black community, we understand that,” Brown said.

Brown later added that “violence is [not] the answer” and all three condemned Smith.

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