Slow Joe Can’t Tell The Difference Between Mask Mandates and Immigration Policies [Video]

Blue State Conservative

Title 42 is a big deal… and in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a Trump-era public health order issued by the CDC that has enabled U.S. authorities to turn back most migrants, including people seeking asylum from so-called “persecution.” It’s set to expire on May 23 and everyone and their brother is talking about what Team Biden will do.

Will they cripple us even more at the border and drop Title 42, or will they give us breathing room and extend it? Many Dem politicians are flipping and siding with GOP and are asking Biden to extend it, while his radical communist WH spokeswoman Jen Psaki is appearing to rule out the possibility of delay.

So, once again there is a lot of conflicting and confusing info about Title 42 within the Dem Party, so reporters are rightfully curious about what might happen with it. And one reporter asked Joe Biden outright about Title 42 during his little presser, and right on cue, things got even more confusing.

Instead of talking about Title 42 and the situation at the border, Biden started talking about airline mask mandates. Joe looks and sounds so confused here.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“HE HAS NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING ON!! How does he confuse border policy with mask mandates?? BIDEN NEEDS A COGNITIVE EXAM IMMEDIATELY!!”

“The guy literally has no idea what he’s talking about now. Why is he still in office??”

“81 million people voted for a guy that doesn’t know the difference between Title 42 and the mask mandate… “

“Biden doesn’t even know what Title 42 is. Unreal!”

“Barely functioning at this point. But good news, he’s planing to run for re-election.”

“Dudes a vegetable. We are so screwed.”

“Where’s the Easter Bunny when you need him?”

“This is bizarre because he didn’t mishear the question — he keeps saying “Title 42.”

“Let’s not forget this man is in charge of our country’s nuclear codes.”

“Just redundant to call him an imbecile at this point”

Supporters of Biden argue that he was discussing mask mandates because the CDC issued both Title 42 and the airline mask mandates, so they’re “tied together” and thus, according to his die hard fans (all 10 of them), Biden did not answer the question incorrectly.

Good Lord, what a stretch.
The sun and the moon are both in the sky, but that doesn’t mean you talk about the sun when someone asks a question about the moon.

Look, my point is this — if you have to spend this much time interpreting what Joe “might” have said, or “could have meant,” and you need to throw in all these possible factors to try to make your case stick, perhaps your guy is the one with the problem, and you need to accept that and move on…

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