SOTU: Biden Calls on Congress to ‘FUND the Police’


President Joe Biden used his State of the Union address on Tuesday night to call on Congress to “FUND the police” and to oppose local efforts by his own party and left-wing activists to “defund the police” in major cities amid a crime wave.

In remarks as prepared for delivery, Biden included the phrase “FUND the police” in ALL CAPS to emphasize the point:

I know what works: Investing in crime preventionand community police officers who’ll walk the beat, who’ll know the neighborhood, and who can restore trust and safety.

So let’s not abandon our streets. Or choose between safety and equal justice.

Let’s come together to protect our communities, restore trust, and hold law enforcement accountable.

That’s why the Justice Department required body cameras, banned chokeholds, and restricted no-knock warrants for its officers.

That’s why the American Rescue Plan provided $350 Billion that cities, states, and counties can use to hire more police and invest in proven strategies like community violence interruption—trusted messengers breaking the cycle of violence and trauma and giving young people hope.

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