Source: Hunter Biden Poised To Receive “Generous” Plea Deal, Will Likely Avoid Indictment

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In a move that is unfortunately predictable and not surprising to anyone, sources inside the corrupt Department of Justice and other lawyers are suggesting that Hunter Biden will not be held accountable for his grossly fraudulent and illegal behaviors spanning years.

We previously reported that federal officials were close to wrapping up a years’-long investigative process that looked into Biden’s several peculiar business relationships, financial disclosures, and ostensibly false statements related to a firearm purchase. While any other American citizens would be rotting in prison for the rest of their earthly lives, Joe Biden’s crooked son will return to his illicitly hedonic lifestyle scot-free.

The New York Post writes:

“Lawyer Jim Trusty and other legal experts also discounted the notion that officials may be concerned about bringing charges because of the looming midterm elections, in which Democratic control of the House and Senate are both at stake.

“From the reporting that I have read, it seems more like a generous guilty plea is on the horizon, not some sort of sweeping indictment,” said Trusty, a former chief of the DOJ’s Organized Crime Section.

“It does not take four years to put together a dinky gun case or many of the cases deemed ‘tax cases.”

He added: “We’re not hearing the word ‘conspiracy’ and we are hearing and seeing an awful lot of drug addiction vignettes, so I think the ‘critical phase’ could be more about reaching a plea agreement designed to end the entire inquiry rather than seeing a fully investigated “pay-to-play” scheme.””

As mentioned, a “Delaware grand jury probe of Hunter Biden was at or near a “critical” stage, with sources telling CNN that officials recently discussed potential tax charges and a potential charge for making a false statement in connection with a handgun purchase,” the New York Post reported.

Between zero names being brought to justice related to the Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell saga and the imminent plea deal for Hunter Biden’s criminal career, there should be no more debate over whether or not we live in a free and fair society. This says nothing of the disconnect between Black Lives Matter rioters and other criminal types being bailed out ad nauseum while others languish in rotten jails for their alleged crimes on January 6th.

It is a sickening and disgusting reality of our ever-declining nation.

Aside from the obvious criminal elements of the Hunter Biden escapades, which includes lying on a federal background check to buy a handgun (as well as the later illegal dumping of a handgun), there is then the blatant media bias relating to the entire thing

First, there was the quashing of any mention of Hunter Biden’s laptop during the runup to the 2020 presidential election. Everything reported was later “verified” by the New York Times, though no one cares even to this day about the implications of such disturbing written and photographic evidence.

Then there is the selective coverage. We need not imagine how the media and the idiot masses of the American public would react to this story if the son of Donald Trump participated in even a fraction of these crimes. Don Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and Barron are as clean as First Kids come, nevertheless they were still harangued for alleged duplicity.

With Hunter, as well as the Big Guy, nothing could be more publicly known, and yet the discourse around him is minimal.

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