Squad Member AOC Blasts NYPD After They Post Images of Stolen Products They Seized From Criminals

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The New York Police Department tweeted they had arrested 12 different people for allegedly shoplifting in the city.

Along with the post was a picture of some of the items that these alleged criminals had stolen, including baby formula and diapers, something that drew the ire of Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Members of the New York Police Department have come under fire from every end of the political spectrum as thieves are getting away with thousands of dollars in merchandise every day from businesses.

People like the Reverend Al Sharpton have even complained because everyday items, like his “toothpaste”, are secured behind a locked counter to deter theft.

To answer the numerous shoplifting complaints throughout the city, the NYPD has taken initiative to focus on the crime and do what they can to deter it.

Thinking that citizens and business owners of New York would be happy that they have been able to make arrests and recover stolen property, the NYPD posted the results of some of their “enforcement” initiatives on Twitter.

The now-deleted tweet from the NYPD said:

“After receiving numerous larceny complaints in the Bronx, officers from the @NYPD44Pct [NYPD 44th Precinct] recently arrested 12 individuals following an enforcement initiative targeting shoplifters. The arrests made led to the closure of 23 warrants & the recovery of $1800 worth of merchandise.”

Along with the post, the NYPD provided pictures of some of the stolen items that they were able to recover.

Items such as over-the-counter medications, diapers, baby formula, baby wipes, laundry detergent, shower gel, baby shampoo, and lotion were shown.

While there should be some praise given to the NYPD for being able to arrest as many alleged criminals as they did and recover a large amount of stolen merchandise, people like AOC think that they were just plain wrong.

After seeing the tweet from the NYPD, AOC authored her own which said:

“When I talk about violent conditions, this is what I mean.

“But hey, it’s much easier to frame people who steal baby formula and medicine as monsters to be jailed than acknowledge our politics and economic priorities create conditions where people steal baby formula to survive.”

While progressives and Democrats alike try to say that the suspects, in this case, were only stealing items they needed to survive, and some of them may have, odds are the majority were stealing items to sell on the black market.

In a story recently published by the New York Post, a ‘market’ of what is believed to be stolen goods is up and running on the Lower East Side of the city. According to the Post:

“Palettes showing off a random assortment of items such as hygiene products, diapers, and batteries, were spotted laid out on blankets for sale near the corner of 14th Street and 1st Avenue.”

The Post claims that two men were seemingly running the ‘market’ and reusable bags could be seen which were filled with moisturizers, razors, body scrubs, markers, among many other hygiene products. The Post said that one of the items even had a CVS price tag still on it.

The items were being sold for a significantly discounted price which should be a clue to anyone trying to buy them that they were stolen. For instance, a Jouviance Cream was being sold in the ‘market’ for $10 while it is priced at $49 in a retail store.

The Post added:

“Another merchant was spotted selling CVS brand Ibuprofen for $2 and Gillette replacement razors for $10 a pack – items that go for $8.59 and $46.99 at the nearby CVS.

“Most of the hawkers would not respond when asked exactly where they sourced their bargain goods, though many of the items were among the most commonly shoplifted from city stores, according to workers and police sources.”

Situations like these are why the NYPD conducted enforcement initiatives to stop and prevent people from stealing items at will and then selling them on the street.

However, now that the agency has caved to people like AOC by deleting the good work of their police officers, one has to ask if there will be another one or if they will just surrender to the lawlessness that seems apparent in the city.

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