Stacey Abrams Appears in ‘Star Trek’ Cameo, and You Won’t Believe Who She Portrayed

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The political deification of Stacey Abrams continues as she has embarked on her next attempt to ruin her home state of Georgia. She continues to get media coverage that would make Beto O’Rourke turn green with envy.

Georgia’s pretend governor most recently appeared on Star Trek: Discovery in a small role as the President of United Earth. No joke.

I’m not a Star Trek fan, but people I know who are fans say that Star Trek: Discovery is dreadfully woke and of poor quality. But the producers of Star Trek: Discovery were breathless about having Abrams appear on the show.

“We always knew that Earth returning would be a big, big moment, and coming into Season 4, we knew that was going to happen in the finale,” writer and executive producer Michelle Paradise told Variety. “As we started to look ahead to the finale, we realized we are going to need a face for this moment, someone to represent Earth.”

The fandom gets worse.

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