#StandWithDan Trends On Twitter As Conservatives Rally Behind Bongino’s Stand Against Vaccine Mandates

The Post Millennial

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Conservatives are coming to the aide of Dan Bongino following a Mediaite piece released on Wednesday that falsely claimed Bongino is losing support from conservatives, and that his stance against vaccine mandates is merely “virtue signaling.”

“The radio program, syndicated through Cumulus, which has a vaccine mandate — that conversation has not been going well,” Bongino said in October, just days after Cumulus announced their vaccine mandate. “It’s been degenerating even worse. It is ongoing, but as I said to them, and I will repeat again with Cumulus: I am not going to be there while there is a vaccine mandate. They can have the vaccine mandate or they can have me, but they can’t have both.”

The Mediaite article bases its claim that Bongino is losing his conservative support on the accounts of two rival conservative talk show hosts, Dale Jackson and Derek Hunter.
Jackson said that Bongino was “virtue signaling,” saying that “The reason why I called it virtue signaling is very simple: the mandate went into place a week after he said he wouldn’t work for a company that had a vaccine mandate.”

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