‘Subverts The Right And Duty Of Parents’: Bowser, DC Sued For Allowing Children To Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

The Daily Caller

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Multiple parents have filed lawsuits against Washington, D.C., for allowing children to receive vaccines without parental knowledge or consent.

In a lawsuit filed Monday by the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) and Parental Rights Foundation against D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, four parents call for a preliminary injunction prohibiting D.C. from enforcing the D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act of 2020, which allows children who are eleven-years-old or older deemed “capable of meeting the informed consent standard” to consent to vaccines without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

“The Minor Consent Act subverts the right and duty of parents to make informed decisions about whether their children should receive vaccinations, by both depriving them of the opportunity to make those decisions and by concealing from parents that their children have been asked to consent to vaccinations or may have indeed been vaccinated,” the lawsuit said. “In fact, the Minor Consent Act states that medical providers who administer vaccines under the Minor Consent Act shall seek reimbursement directly from the insurer without parental knowledge or consent.”

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