‘Taking orders from the Easter Bunny’: Trump Mocks Biden At Ohio Rally [VIDEO]

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Former President Donald Trump on Saturday night launched a blistering attack against his successor, ridiculing Joe Biden as a “bewildered” president who is “taking orders from the Easter Bunny” and allowing radical leftists, unchecked crime, soaring inflation and an open border destroy America.

“There is no threat as dangerous to democracy as they are,” the 45th president told a rally in Delaware County, Ohio. “Just look at the un-select committee of political hacks and what they’re doing to our country while radical-left murderers, rapists, and insurrectionists roam free: Nothing happens to them.”
Trump’s visit to the battleground state was a particular boost to J. D. Vance, the GOP Senate candidate who got the former president’s coveted endorsement and has his soared in the polls.
Trump highlighted Biden’s struggles and video-captured embarrassing moments.

“We have a president right now, sadly, who has absolutely no idea what the hell is happening,” he said. “He’s shaking hands with the air. He’s walking around, somewhat bewildered.”

“It’s no good, and he’s taking orders from the Easter Bunny,” he added, referencing an incident Monday in which a political operative dressed as the Easter Bunny guided the president away from reporters talking about Afghanistan.

“And he is doing all of this while [Vladimir] Putin does nothing but talk about nuclear weapons and destroying the world,” Trump added. “We have our signals very crossed in our country. We have never had a situation like this.”

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