Ted Cruz at Student Action Summit: “I’m Ted Cruz and my pronoun is kiss my ass.” [VIDEO]

The Post Millennial

Friday night at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, Republican Senator Ted Cruz opened his speech by saying “I’m Ted Cruz and my pronoun is kiss my ass.”
Cruz made the remarks to an enthusiastic crowd gathered for the summit which is designed to connect conservative students who are combating Left-wing ideologies on school campuses across America.

Cruz encouraged the crowd of student activists saying, “Your classmates, even if they’re scared to say it, are looking around thinking this stuff is nuts.” Cruz continued, “I talked to a student recently at one of our woke college campuses who said she’s required every class to introduce herself and to give her pronouns.”

Cruz addressed the phenomenon of “preferred pronouns” as radical gender ideology has noticeably infused with, and sometimes originated from, academia.
“Here’s a radical statement, okay trigger warning, women exist,” Cruz told the crowd.

“What the hell is wrong with you idiots,” Cruz said before mentioning Supreme Court Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson’s inability to define what a “woman” is.

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