Ted Cruz Challenges AOC To Visit Border And ‘cry in front of the Biden cages’

The Blaze

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) dared Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) to visit the humanitarian crisis at the U.S. southern border. Cruz challenged AOC to visit detention centers so she could see for herself the conditions that migrants are being kept in.

“I challenge every one of them: I challenge [Joe] Biden, I challenge [Kamala] Harris, I challenge AOC, who famously had a picture of her pretending to cry in front of a cage with children,” Cruz told Fox News. “Come down to the Biden cages now, which are bigger and more full.

“Let’s see AOC cry in front of the Biden cages. Let’s see Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or [White House press secretary] Jen Psaki say ‘there is no border crisis’ as we stand in front of the Biden cages,” Cruz said. “They are lying and they’re counting on the media to cover up their lies, and it’s incredibly cynical and it’s wrong.”

Cruz is referencing photos of Ocasio-Cortez taken in June 2018 of the progressive lawmaker appearing to cry on a road outside a tent city shelter in Tornillo, Texas, used to temporarily house migrants, including children.

Photojournalist Ivan Pierre Aguirre released the photos in June 2019, which were praised by Democrats and mocked by Republicans.

AOC shared the photos with the caption: “I’ll never forget this, because it was the moment I saw with my own eyes that the America I love was becoming a nation that steals refugee children from their parents,& caged them. More kids died after this. To date, no one has been held accountable. We need to save these kids.”

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