Texas Doctor Will Only Treat Unvaccinated

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Dr. Mary Talley Bowden announced Saturday that she will only accept new patients who are unvaccinated. The ENT doctor in Houston said she is taking a stand for people who can’t find treatment elsewhere.

Bowden, said her policy has resulted in being reported to the Texas Medical Board and negative attacks online by other doctors. But, she told me in an interview Monday, that she is not backing down.

“I didn’t realize the amount of despair unvaccinated people felt because no one is speaking for them,” Dr. Bowden told me. “No one is voicing what’s going on. Doctors for the most part are just going along because of what you saw happened to me — vicious backlash and trying to take my license away.”

Bowden emailed her current patients Saturday that her decision came after a combination of being told she can no longer operate on unvaccinated patients at a surgery center and having hospital privileges denied for trying to give Ivermectin to a dying COVID patient. She emailed her patients on Saturday:

I am not anti-vaccination, but all the data I have collected suggests that the vaccine is not working. 42% of the patients we treated last month with IV monoclonal antibodies for symptomatic COVID were fully vaccinated.

I believe vaccination is a personal choice and like everything else in medicine, should be protected by HIPAA. I understand if this alienates many of you, but all my opinions are based on my clinical experience and not the news.

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