Texas Enacts New Public Carry Gun Law

Houston Public Media

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When a new round of laws goes into effect on Sept. 1, Texas will officially become a “Second Amendment sanctuary.” That’s one piece of a GOP-led effort to limit firearm restrictions and expand gun access in the state.

While permitless carry was the highest profile gun bill to cross Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk during the 2021 legislative session, more than a dozen others received his signature.

Most loosen or limit firearm restrictions, like new laws allowing school marshals and hotel guests to carry guns. One law bans government contracts with companies that “discriminate against the firearm or ammunition industries,” while another effectively designates gun stores as essential businesses that can’t be shut down during a disaster.

But three new laws will also take effect that were written in response to back-to-back mass shootings in El Paso and Odessa in 2019. That includes one gun control measure, which makes it a state crime to lie on a background check in order to illegally purchase a gun.

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