Texas landowner describes ‘overwhelming’ and dangerous situation at border, implores Biden ‘do something’

BizPac Review

A Texas landowner appeared on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends” on Tuesday to express her frustration over the Biden Administration’s atrociously flawed border policy. Alison Anderson, whose husband is a border patrol officer, sounded the alarm by saying that thousands of illegal immigrants have descended on the Del Rio port of entry and are being loaded onto buses headed to places unknown throughout the country.

Anderson has had multiple encounters with illegal immigrants trespassing on her property, ostensibly to avoid detection from border patrol agents, and the mother of three is justifiably concerned for the safety of her family.

“We’re overwhelmed with illegal immigrants that are coming through our property, our neighborhood, our community. When I received word that somewhere close to 2,000 yesterday were down under the bridge at the port of entry, it’s concerning, especially with COVID right now. Our healthcare workers are completely overwhelmed as it is,” said Anderson.

A recent story here told of COVID-infected illegals being housed at a motel in La Joya, Texas. U.S. Customs and Border Protection simply could not detain them any longer.

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