‘The Control Mechanism’: Biden Admin To Appeal Ruling Lifting Mask Mandate On Travel


We’ve seen videos of flight attendants removing their masks in-flight as the announcement came in that the mask mandate was no longer in place, and as we reported, earlier Tuesday President Joe Biden told a reporter it’s “up to them” when asked if people should still wear masks on airplanes.

Never mind what the president said. His Department of Justice is filing an appeal to have the mask mandate reinstated if the CDC says masks are still necessary for travel.

Here’s how it goes. The Biden administration passed the buck to the CDC, which said the mask mandate was still necessary. The Justice Department will therefore appeal. However, it won’t seek an emergency stay of the judge’s ruling, so the mandate is still officially off while this works its way through the courts. This means, in a brilliant strategic move, Biden has decided to fight to keep masks mandatory while people are celebrating finally getting them off.

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