‘The Mastermind Is President Putin’: Lithuania, Poland Protect Borders From Thousands Of Migrants

The Daily Wire

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On Tuesday, Lithuania declared a state of emergency on its border with Belarus, while Poland also reacted to the thousands of migrants who have flocked to the border between Belarus and Poland.

Poland’s president, Andrzej Duda, said: “The Belarusian regime is attacking the Polish border, the EU, in an unparalleled manner. We currently have a camp of migrants who are blocked from the Belarusian side. These are aggressive actions that we must repel, fulfilling our obligations as a member of the European Union.”

The Guardian, which noted, “Poland has sent about 11,000 soldiers to the border area, created a militarized zone two miles deep, built a razor-wire fence and approved the construction of a border wall,” quoted a spokesperson for the European Commission saying, “This is part of the inhuman and really gangster-style approach of the Lukashenko regime that he is lying to people, he is misusing people, misleading them, and bringing them to Belarus under the false promise of having easy entry into the EU.”

Germany’s interior minister, Horst Seehofer, echoed to the German newspaper Bild, “The Poles have reacted correctly so far. … We cannot criticise them for securing the EU’s external border with admissible means. The Poles are fulfilling a very important service for the whole of Europe.”

“Poland has accused Lukashenko of attempting to orchestrate a crisis on the European Union’s eastern frontier by funneling migrants to the border in retaliation for sweeping sanctions imposed on Minsk by the bloc and other Western powers in June,” CNN reported. “Lukashenko’s government has repeatedly denied the claims, blaming the West for dangerous, sometimes fatal, border crossings and poor treatment of migrants. … Many of the migrants at the border are hoping to travel onwards from Poland deeper into western Europe.”

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