‘Maybe someone should school this nitwit’: The View Host Says That A Black Republican Is An ‘Oxymoron’ [VIDEO]

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Sunny Hostin insulted one of her guest hosts on “The View” on Friday who identified as Republican, saying that black people and Latinos can’t be Republican, and that it’s an “oxymoron.”
“I’m a black woman first, so always understand that,” stated guest host Lindsey Granger, a black woman, to Ana Navarro, another guest host, who works for CNN.
“But I do say that I have many conservative values that I will talk to you about, and so if you look at your network that you’re standing behind,” she continued, still talking to Navarro, but then being cut off abruptly by Hostin.
“Are you a Republican?” asked Hostin. “Yes,” Granger answered, trying to continue with her point, bringing up now-disgraced ex-CNN correspondent Chris Cuomo.

Hostin, however, wasn’t about to let her continue freely. “I feel like that’s an oxymoron, a black Republican,” she opined.
“You feel like it’s an oxymoron?” queried Granger.
“I do,” answered Hostin. “Why?” responded Granger, visibly confused by the assertion. Indicating Navarro, she told Hostin, “your friend right here is a Republican.”
“We’ve had this conversation many times,” chimed in Navarro. 

Granger continued, pointing out to Hostin that she claims to feel  “like it’s an oxymoron that you’re Catholic but you also are pro-life.”
“I don’t understand either of you,” replied Hostin. “You don’t understand yourself, then,” claimed a frustrated Granger.
“I understand myself. I don’t understand either of you,” insisted Hostin. “I don’t understand Black Republicans and I don’t understand Latino Republicans. I don’t,”

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