‘Man, people just really hate her’: Kamala Harris is Most Unpopular Vice President in US History

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A poll has indicated that Kamala Harris could very well be the most unpopular vice president in US history through the first six months of a vice president’s term.

According to this YouGov graph, Harris’ unpopularity has recently surpassed her popularity among registered American voters for the first time since June 2020. As of last Saturday, July 24, the vice president’s unpopularity sits at 49 percent while her popularity comes in at 45 percent.

As reported by The Telegraph, an Economist/YouGov poll also revealed Harris’ unpopularity with young voters. Only 36 percent of voters aged 18-29 view her “favorably.” She is also struggling with Hispanic voters, perhaps due to her mismanagement of the southern border crisis.

Harris’ unpopularity after just six months in office surpasses that of Mike Pence and Dan Quayle, two former VPs who are often perceived as having unpopular tenures. Gallup polls from July 2017 show, according to The Telegraph, that Pence’s unfavorability was 41.9 percent, while his favorability clocked in at 42.1 percent.

Being a horrible, power hungry, cackling harpy isn’t popular with Americans, not even Democrats.

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