This Leftist Billionaire Is Having A Hissy Fit Over Elon’s Twitter Offer

Blue State Conservative

The left is absolutely losing it over the fact that Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter and turn it back into a free speech platform. Apparently, daring to do something that would have been seen as common sense in 2014 or 2015 is now the end of “our democracy.”

Given that there is no “our democracy”–America is a republic, not a democracy–that shouldn’t be a big deal, as the end of something that doesn’t exist is meaningless.

But, never the sharpest tools in the shed to begin with, the leftists are upset about the whole situation regardless.

Enter Mark Cuban, the billionaire who was last in the news for canceling the national anthem at Dallas Mavericks games. So, he’s not quite the strongest defender of American values; the guy who won’t even say the pledge can hardly be trusted to defend free speech.

And that might be why Cuban is so adamant that Musk is getting into this spat with Twitter for selfish reasons rather than ones related to free speech. Musk, a free speech absolutist, seems to want to defend speech on the platform. Cuban, worth far less money and, based on the national anthem incident, not all that into America, must just not be able to understand that.

He, on Twitter, said:

Cuban also had this somewhat conspiratorial take:

It’s possible that Cuban’s right and Elon’s just trying to make a tidy profit by playing with Twitter.

But risking having to pay tens of billions of dollars just to make a few percentage point profit on a few billion-dollar investment seems wholly out of proportion and not all that likely. Why would Musk risk having to pay $43 billion to make far, far, far less than that?
Rather, it seems more likely that Elon has started this fight for the reason he said he did: to defend free speech on the platform, not for economic reasons. That’s the sort of thing rich people that love America and her values do, Mark. But then again, you don’t want people saying the national anthem, so you probably wouldn’t understand.

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