‘This Lying Needs To Stop’: ‘Because of #January6th’, Nancy Pelosi holds a moment of silence for officer killed in April


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Massachusetts Republican Gov. Charlie Baker tweeted a statement “on today’s somber anniversary” that includes the following about January 6th, 2021: “One of those officers who lost his life that day was William Evans, a North Adams native who tragically leaves a beautiful family.”

Except Evans lost his life on April 2 when Noah Green rammed the North Barricade at the Capitol. Another officer was injured. According to the USCP, Green exited his vehicle with a knife after ramming the two officers and was then shot and killed.

Not to be outdone, Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a moment of silence for four law enforcement officers “who died because of #January6th”:

So she also included Brian Sicknick, who was determined to have died from natural causes the following day.

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