Three dead and six injured in Michigan high school shooting

Washington Examiner

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A shooting Tuesday at a high school in Oxford, Michigan, left three students dead and six injured. A suspect is in custody, according to the local sheriff’s department.

At least one victim has been taken to a local hospital. The FBI and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office are handling the case.

“We responded to an active shooter at Oxford High School in Oxford Township at 12:55PM today,” the office said, according to a tweet by¬†Michigan State Police¬†. “We have one suspected shooter in custody along with a handgun. We do not believe there are any other at this time.”

The sheriff’s office said it is doing a secondary sweep of the school to make sure no additional students have been shot.

The suspect has been identified as a 15-year-old student at the high school.

The sheriff’s office said it believes all students have been evacuated but is doing a secondary sweep.

Those who have been evacuated are being held at a nearby store.

The scene, located 45 miles north of Detroit, is still considered active, and residents are encouraged to stay away from the area.

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