Tom Brady gets monster 10-year, $375 million deal from Fox Sports

New York Post

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To understand the 10-year, $375 million Tom Brady deal with Fox Sports, you have to appreciate how the network has looked at itself since its inception and what it would take to entice the greatest quarterback of all time into the broadcast booth.

Fox Sports has always considered itself bigger and badder than anyone else since its inception in 1993, when Rupert Murdoch swiped the NFL from CBS and then paid John Madden $8 million, more than any NFL player at the time, to be Fox’s lead analyst.

Now well-established, three decades later, it prides itself on having Hall of Famers throughout its Fox NFL Sunday lineup. So its thoughts were big and bold when it considered how to replace Troy Aikman, especially after ESPN had just out-Foxed Fox.

Not only did ESPN grab Aikman, but, more importantly, the face of Fox, Joe Buck. It was a Fox move, adding up to a combined price tag of $33.5 million per year.

Fox had a no-brainer replacement for Buck in Kevin Burkhardt as its top NFL play-by-player, but its next best analyst was former All-Pro tight end Greg Olsen.

Olsen may be the next big thing — and he very well now could be Fox’s top analyst next season as Brady is not scheduled to start with Fox until after he stops playing — but Olsen is not considered the greatest player of all time.

Meanwhile, Brady not only had interest from Fox, but also ESPN, according to sources.

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