Tom Cotton: ‘Scare Child’ Joe Biden Walked Into The UN ‘And Put A Giant ‘Kick Me’ Sign On Uncle Sam’s Back’ [VIDEO]

Daily Caller

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Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton made it clear Tuesday that he was not impressed with President Joe Biden’s remarks before the United Nations.
Cotton reacted to Biden’s speech with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, and he argued that the president had effectively “walked into the United Nations and put a ‘kick me’ sign on Uncle Sam’s back.”

“Obviously this kind of speech, the U.N. speech, is always an opportunity to lay out your approach to foreign policy as a President of the United States,” MacCallum began, pointing out the fact that it was, first and foremost, a foreign policy venue. “How do you think he did?”

“Martha, Joe Biden walked into the United Nations today and put a giant ‘kick me’ sign on Uncle Sam’s back,” Cotton replied. “He claimed that he didn’t want a new cold war with China. The leaders in Beijing are laughing at Biden and America right now. They’ve been waging a cold war against us for decades.”

Cotton went on to argue that in addition to China infiltrating American businesses and universities for years, they had also been working  to build up a military that could potentially pose a threat to the United States.

“Joe Biden not only says that we’re not in a cold war, and he’ll fight to win it, he literally would not use the name China. He was like a scared child from a ‘Harry Potter’ novel who wouldn’t say Voldemort’s name because he was afraid of what might happen,” Cotton continued. “That’s to say nothing of betrayal of our parters in Afghanistan or our allies who now question our resolve.”

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