Top Business Rep Corrects Dem Narrative That Joe Manchin Is Hurting Constituents By Opposing Biden Agenda

The Blaze

After Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) announced that he would not support President Joe Biden’s “Built Back Better” plan, Democrats and liberals claimed that Manchin was harming his own constituents by not supporting the bill.

But a top business leader in West Virginia says their rhetoric was all bark and no bite.

An article published in the New Yorker summarized the liberal talking points about Manchin putting political interests ahead of his constituents.

“To the West Virginians who begged him to support the anti-poverty programs in the Build Back Better bill, his rejection reflects a fundamental seclusion from the needs of people which he is no longer willing or able to perceive,” the article stated.

“To such critics in the state, Manchin has become an icon of Washington oligarchy and estrangement, a politician with a personal fortune, whose blockade against programs that have helped his constituents escape poverty represents a sneering disregard for the gap between their actual struggles and his televised bromides,” the article said.

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