Trans Elementary School Teacher: 3-year-olds are old enough to learn about gender identity, sexual orientation [VIDEO]

The Post Millennial

A transgender non-binary elementary school teacher said in a viral video that three-year-olds are old enough to learn about gender identity, sexual orientation, and pronouns. According to the teacher’s website, Los Angeles-based “social justice educator” Skye Tooley, who uses “they/them” pronouns, has worked to recreate elementary curriculum with “a social justice focus” and create lessons around the progressive topics of “identity, diversity, equity, action, and justice.”

“Hi! I’m a queer teacher and I 1000 percent do not support this bill,” Tooley said of Florida’s anti-grooming legislation designed to protect young school-aged children from activist educators. “And yes, I do know what’s in it,” the teacher added.

“The bill, in itself, is just another way to stigmatize the LGBTQ+ community,” the teacher continued in the TikTok video uploaded mid-March and later posted Saturday to social media by Twitter account Libs of TikTok. “Kids as young as three and four are actually aware of their gender identity, even if they don’t have the language for it. Also, very aware of who they like and who they don’t like.”

“Heterosexuality is pushed on our kids on a daily basis at a very young age through the media, through books, the first Disney movie that you saw,” Tooley said.

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