Trump Issues Statement About Ashli Babbitt’s Killer – “There Must Be Justice”: Eric ‘Fang Fang’ Swalwell Responds


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President Trump released a statement about Ashli Babbitt today noting that he knows who shot and killed her.
President Trump is right. Ashli Babbitt was murdered by a Capitol police officer on January 6th. Today he released a statement noting this.

Swalwell told host Joy Reid that Trump’s statement was “an insult to the brave men and women who defended the Capitol” and was “intended” to endanger the officer. The congressman called the officer a “hero” and said that the lives of multiple members of Congress, some of whom who were being evacuated from the House chamber as rioters were attempting to enter, would have been at risk if Babbitt had been allowed to proceed.

“That officer’s life, sadly, is in danger,” said Swalwell. “He is a hero, Joy. I am alive today, my colleagues are alive, because he had to make that fateful decision—one that no officer wants to make. But a mob was crashing through the doors into the Speaker’s lobby. I saw them. I heard the smashing, the pounding, the breaking of glass, the chanting.”

“Had they gotten through, it was many of our more vulnerable members, who were the last to leave that would have been overrun had that officer not acted so bravely,” Swalwell added. “That officer has been cleared by the Department of Justice… to want to out this person after being cleared is only intended to put that person’s life in danger.”


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