Huge Trump Rally: ‘Nobody’s Ever Had a Movement Like This’


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A massive crowd gathered for former President Donald Trump’s rally in Florence, Arizona, on Saturday evening.

“Look at the people, as far as the eye can see… Look at the people way back, and I mean like football fields back,” Trump said while gesturing toward the audience.

“And you know what? I would ask the press to turn your cameras around and show the kind of crowd that we have, because nobody’s ever had a movement like this,” he continued:

Nobody’s ever had spirit like this or a crowd like this. But see they don’t turn the cameras, they don’t want to turn the cameras. They don’t want to turn the cameras and frankly, they move the cameras into a bad location for us. They should have been put way back. They have magnifying lenses. They have lenses that could’ve handled it. But take a look behind you, press, because when they show the kind of numbers that are represented tonight, some of the government people said its the single biggest crowd they’ve seen yet. And they’re not just talking about Arizona.

“You can look a hundred yards behind the cameras and it’s a sea of people. In fact, the press is blocking people out, and that’s a shame,” he added.

News anchor Ed Henry shared photos of the rally and said there was a traffic jam with more people trying to get in to the event:

“The line keeps on growing with less than five hours remaining until President Trump takes the stage!!!” Right Side Broadcasting reported earlier in the day.

Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake at AZ Trump Rally

Kari Lake: We The People no longer are willing to put up with the shots in our arm, the swabs up our noses, and those filthy masks on our face in order to make a living or send our kids to school. We’re done. No More!… when I am your governor there will be no mandates and no lockdowns. Actually, let me revise that just a little bit. I want to lock somebody down. And it’s that liar Dr. Fauci!

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