Trump Warned You: Putin Halves German Gas Supply AGAIN as EU Economy Spirals


Vladimir Putin’s Russia has once again halved Germany’s gas supply, a move that will further harm an already struggling EU economy.

Having only just seen the flow of gas from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline turned back on again after a nearly two-week maintenance period, Germany is once again facing a significant worsening of its already crippling gas crisis after Vladimir Putin’s government decided to once again half the amount of Russian gas it was supplying the EU state.

The EU had already been struggling with the previous cut, with authorities in Brussels struggling to get member states to agree to implement a 15 per cent cut in their own gas usage in the hopes of getting vulnerable states through the coming winter.

According to a report by Der Spiegel, however, things have now gone from bad to worse, with Russian state gas company Gazprom saying that it will now only allow the essential Nord Stream 1 pipeline operating between Germany and Russia to operate at a maximum of 33 million cubic meters a day, or 20 per cent of its maximum capacity, from Wednesday.

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