Trump Would Crush Hillary Clinton By Double Digits In A Potential 2024 Presidential Rematch


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Donald Trump would crush Hillary Clinton by double digits in a potential 2024 presidential rematch, a McLaughlin poll on Friday found.

As the establishment media and Democrat insiders are “excited by the prospects” of Hillary returning to political life, the failed presidential candidate lost by ten points to Donald Trump in a 2024 hypothetical election poll.

Among independents, Trump also leads Hillary by 15 percentage points (52-37 percent).

Only 80 percent of Democrats favor Hillary in the head-to-head matchup, while 90 percent of Republicans favor Trump, another double-digit gap among respective party voters.

On a list of potential Democrat primary contenders, Hillary ranked tied for the fourth most likely to win the 2024 Democrat primary if that election were held today. Other primary contenders included President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Hillary is not the only potential candidate Trump handily trounced. Both Biden and Harris are bested by Trump. Trump leads Biden by five percentage points and Harris by nine percentage points, the poll showed.

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