Tucker Carlson mocks cowardly Justin Trudeau for fascistic response to freedom protesters [VIDEO]

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Tucker Carlson went on an extended, incredible monologue about the truckers’ strike in Canada and the ongoing efforts by both the Canadian government and their counterparts in the United States to demonize, vilify, and hurt the protest movement over mandates and restrictions.

“So we’ve been covering this truck strike in Canada all week. And at the end of the week, there are a couple of different images that kind of float around your head. Picture that cops stealing the fuel from the freezing truckers. You picture the smiling truckers, talking about love and waving Canadian flags,” said Carlson. “Totally non-threatening. “

“But above all, you remember the hysteria of the people in charge as they look out on the sea of working class, people who are really sick of being pushed around to what to inject into their bodies,” he continued.

“The people in charge are extremely upset about this. Hysterical. And it’s hilarious. You can just picture our Transportation Secretary little Pete Buttigieg, judge jumping up and down shaking his little hands screaming at the truck drivers, ‘get off my bridge you guys, get off right now!’”

“It’s not just Mayor Pete. You remember those angry tweets or that CNN contributor lady who suggested ‘we should slash their tires, siphon their diesel fuel, throw them in prison.’ They’re all Torquemada now.”

“They’re talking like they’re scary, but keep in mind, these are not displays of power. This is not how confident people talk. These are squeaks of impotence,” said  Carlson.

“Our leaders are furious at the truckers because they know there’s not a lot they can do about the truckers. They don’t know anything about trucks for one thing. How do you get a truck off a bridge, especially when it has no fuel or tires?”

“They have no idea,” he said. “You just order someone to do it. It’s kind of like Uber Eats: some guy trots out and removes the truck.”

“The problem is that the people who drive the trucks don’t feel like following orders anymore. They’re ignoring Pete Buttigieg,” he added. “if you actually want to move a big rig, you need tow truck operators. And those tow truck operators know truckers. They know truckers aren’t racist, they are not Nazis, no matter how many times Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau claim they are. So some of them aren’t inclined to help.”

“David Allen, for example, is the president of Gary’s Towing in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He told the Canadian media, ‘We have all the capabilities on our tow trucks to do it, but I don’t think anyone would want to. ‘”

“Another tow truck operator called Randy Whan said that even of tow truck operators wanting to help carry out Pete Buttigieg’s orders, it would be very hard. ‘In the end, the truckers gonna say whether you’re taking that truck away or not,’” said Carlson, citing a CBC interview with the tow truck operator.

“Now, there are technical reasons for this, which apparently don’t teach at McKinsey. It turns out that trucks are heavy. They have air brakes and steel belted tires. Some of the truckers remove their tires completely. So what now? Now’s when you start to panic and they definitely are.”

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