Tucker Carlson On The Dangers Of Forcible Child Masking [VIDEO]


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Fox News host Tucker Carlson kicked off Thursday night’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with a powerful monologue covering the latest research on forcibly masking children in an attempt to stop or curb the spread of COVID-19.

Tragically, as cases and deaths have declined, the insistence on continued masking of children in schools, camps, and other situations has been one of the last remaining vestiges of Covidstan in the United States. This is based on several false premises: that masks actually work, that there is no downside to wearing them, and that children are significant vectors or are at significant risk from COVID-19 and thus need the vaccine they currently aren’t able to get.

Carlson took on all of these during his monologue.

“What is the downside of wearing masks?” the Fox News host asked rhetorically. “There’s got to be a downside. What is it? And above all, why make children wear masks? What’s the point of that? We’ve known since the beginning that children aren’t at significant risk from the Coronavirus, nor are they meaningful vectors for spreading it … So why mandate masks in schools? Well, because the teacher’s unions demanded it. But beyond that, very few people asked. Instead, we are treated to a daily insensate drumbeat from the media: “Wear a mask! Wear a mask! Wear a mask! All good people wear masks!”

Here’s the full video:

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