Tucker Carlson RIPS ‘brain-dead Prime Minister’ Trudeau as a ‘Chinese lackey’ [VIDEO]

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On Monday’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the FOX News host slammed North American leaders for failing to stand up against the tyranny of the Chinese government and allowing them to run roughshod over other nations.

He even went so far as to suggest that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was essentially a “Chinese lackey.”

Carlson began by listing all the ways the Biden administration has benefitted the Chinese regime, including the lack of inquiry into the origins of Covid, and the recent decision to cancel “the China Initiative” counter-espionage program.

“Not since Franklin Roosevelt colluded with Joseph Stalin has an American president done anything like that,” Carlson continued, “but Joe Biden didn’t hesitate. And then he kept doing things like this. Now, Biden says he plans to end tariffs against China, tariffs that Donald Trump put in place and that China has been complaining about ever since.”

Carlson went on to suggest that the Biden administration has been working to silence critics of China, such as Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, via the Department of Justice.

“So, take a step back,” he said. “What’s the message here? Well, it’s unmistakable. Don’t criticize the Chinese government, or we will throw you in jail.”

“If you happen to be watching all this from Beijing, as Chinese leaders definitely have been, you would be applauding,” he added. “Joe Biden just arrested your loudest critics. How gratifying is that? Things are going well for you.”

Carlson then shifted his focus north of the border.

“You already control Canada,” he said, “whose brain dead prime minister is effectively a Chinese lackey. Now the most powerful country in the world is doing exactly what you want it to do. You’d be thrilled by this!”

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