Turning Point USA Organizes Protest Against ‘The View’ Outside Times Square Studio DURING LIVE BROADCAST THURSDAY

The Gateway Pundit

Turning Point USA has organized a protest tomorrow morning in Times Square, New York, against the lying leftist hosts of ‘The View,’ after they made false and defamatory claims about the organization on live TV.

The protest will be outside of The View’s studio during their 11 am live broadcast.

Over the weekend, the Turning Point Student Action Summit event in Tampa, Florida, was interrupted and protested by alleged “neo-nazis” — likely plants — who were fought off by security and other event attendees. However, Whoopi Goldberg and her dishonest co-hosts used the opportunity to smear the young conservative group. Whoopi shamelessly lied, stating that TPUSA “embraced” the “Nazis.”

Tim Pool said on his show that they were just “weirdos waving flags outside the event.”

The Gateway Pundit reported yesterday that #SueTheView was trending on Twitter after Turning Point USA sent cease and desist letters to ABC News and demanded an apology. TPUSA founder and CEO Charlie Kirk said that he is talking to his attorneys about a potential lawsuit.

The View issued somewhat of a retraction on the air earlier today, apologizing for “anything we said that may have been unclear.”

Whoopi Goldberg stayed silent the entire time and did not retract her comments accusing Turning Point USA of “embracing” Nazis.

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