UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns [VIDEO]

New York Post

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, marking the end of his ill-fated three-year reign as leader.

Speaking in front of his No. 10 residence in Downing Street, London, the scandal-scarred leader said “it is clearly now the will of the parliamentary conservative party that there should be a new leader and a new prime minister.”

“The process of that should begin now. the timetable should be announced next week. I want to say to the millions of people that voted for us in 2019, thank you for that incredible mandate.”

The prime minister’s decision to step down follows a string of controversies that broke trust in his leadership, from “Partygate” lockdown scandal to the cost-of-living crisis to accusations of sexual misconduct among his top leadership.

Johnson, who took office in 2019, will remain as the British leader until a successor is appointed, which could be until fall if his party lets him.

More than 50 ministers and aides have quit the government in less than 48 hours, with seven of them handing in their resignation letters Thursday morning, saying Johnson is not fit to be in charge after a string of scandals.

It is the highest number of resignations any British leader had received while clinging on to power.

Desperate pleas for the scandal-scarred leader to leave office from some of his closest allies flooded Downing Street in the last 48 hours over Johnson’s handling of sexual misconduct allegations against senior party official Chris Pincher.

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