University President DEMANDS Anti-Woke Princeton Professor is FIRED

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An anti-woke, tenured professor at Princeton faces dismissal at the hands of a rabid student body and a cowardly University President

Joshua Katz, a tenured classics professor at Princeton University, faces what most see as a politically charged dismissal after being brave enough to stand up to woke student body campaigns and ridiculous demands by BLM.

Professor Katz spoke up against the ridiculous woke policy shifts by Princeton, which included increased sabbatical time and higher salaries for black staff and faculty. He even went so far as to say he is “embarrassed” for his friends and colleagues who supported these changes and caved to woke pressure.

From the Daily Mail:

Katz denounce[d] the extremist student group that pushed for the policies, the Black Justice League, as ‘a small local terrorist organization’ after it successfully lobbied to have former President Woodrow Wilson’s name removed from the university’s School of Public and International Affairs, due to his support of racial segregation.

The campaign saw 30 student’s stage a sit-in inside President Eisgruber’s office, until that demand, along with others that included mandatory cultural competency training for staff and a cultural safe space on campus reserved for black students, was met.

He spoke up. And since then he has been the target of BLM radicals on campus, and “activist” student groups who want to get him fired. Now the University itself caves to these demands.

In order to get the professor fired, Princeton has dug up a nearly two decade old, previously settled, accusation of misconduct from when the professor dated one of his of-age students. It is clear for all spectators that this is a politically motivated dismissal. A two decade old mild scandal which conveniently gets re-investigated after the professor speaks up against wokeness and gets crowds of students baying for his blood? How could that not be politically charged.

The cowardly University President will not stand for going against the grain, as Professor Katz did. He would rather cave to wokeness and rabid BLM activists on campus than keep a good, tenured professor around. This is the state of higher education–especially at the most prestigious and elite universities such as Princeton.


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