Unvaccinated NBA Players Who Break Canada Quarantine Rules Will Face Criminal Charges: Report

The Blaze

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Unvaccinated NBA players will reportedly face up to six months in jail and a fine of $750,000 if they violate the country’s quarantine rules.

Sports writer Shams Charania reported that unvaccinated NBA players on teams playing against the Toronto Raptors in Canada may find themselves in legal trouble if they flout the country’s quarantine rules.

Unvaccinated NBA players, according to his reporting, are permitted to leave their hotel only for team activities.

Charania reported the story on Twitter Wednesday, writing, “Source: NBA players were informed unvaccinated players who breach quarantine in Toronto face criminal offense. Unvaccinated players only able to leave hotel for team activities. Per Canada’s Quarantine Act, violations could lead up to 6 months in prison and/or $750K in fines.”

In a Wednesday article for the Athletic, Charania reported that Canada’s Quarantine Act states that violations could land a person in prison for up to six months and/or cost them $750,000 in fines.

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