US Navy Scrambling To Get Advanced Fighter Jet From Bottom Of Ocean Before China Does

The Daily Caller

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The U.S. Navy is attempting to find a downed fighter jet in the South China Sea before Beijing does, BBC News reported.

The $100 million F-35C plane, which is the Navy’s newest and contains classified equipment, went down on Monday after what was described as a “mishap” during takeoff, BBC News reported.

It is the Navy’s first “low observable” carrier-based, which makes its operations undetectable in enemy airspace, and has the most powerful fighter engine in the world, BBC News reported. Since the vehicle is in international waters, capturing it is fair game.

The jet was taking off from the USS Carl Vinson when it went down and injured seven sailors as it struck the deck, BBC News reported. It is now at the bottom of the sea, and the Navy is not providing details on how long retrieval might take.

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